Everything stems and grows due to management.  The strength and weakness of the organization/business lies on the performance of its managers! Advanced Business Consulting teaches trains and facilitates managers of all levels to think, behave and act true to their best self-versions as managers and leaders, buildings solid self-expectations and strong management values.

The 4 anchors of managerial Training

  • creating a personal and professional vision
  • Improving managerial skills including strong leadership style.
  • Perfecting managerial communicational skills and deep emotional intelligence.
  • Facilitating implementation of skills acquired in the training room.

From Good to Great Managers

Teaching in a safe closed environment is crucial for learning, but definitely not enough, Therefor in Advanced Business Consulting we accompany each and every manager-student in his own daily habitat. On the scene we observe the managers interactions and we give  them " on line " feedback regarding 360 degrees of his and her behavior, Thus enabling  strong new learning patterns that will accompany the future of his and her managerial decisions and actions.   This is how we make sure that every manager's turns to become a great ongoing manager.

Core Goals of our Management Training

  • Gradual Empowerment of managers-students
  • Developing high self-Expectations
  • Providing a Set of Managerial tool Kit for everyday situations
  • Enhancing self-confidence and encouraging daily decision making that affect business and organizational performance
  • Improvement of managerial communicational skills and deepening Emotional Intelligence in daily situations
  • Perfecting Goal Setting and Team Building as a premium management skill.

A Great Manager is

  • A positive Team Leader and ongoing Team Builder
  • An innovator, a change agent and a Brand strengthener.
  • A service oriented leader that exploits after selling technics as a business engine
  • A person that continuously grows and continuously  challenges his Comfort Zone that halts continues business and organizational growth
  • Last but not least A Paradigm changer that is committed to adopt change as the market changes

Why Choose Us

We in Advanced Business Consulting provide each organization the best management Learning Curve and Experience via his or her specific needs, business climate and echo system. We help our students-managers of all level to learn, grow and Change.

Through simulations, indoor exercise, accompanying them in their daily routine, receiving vivid hands-on feedback our student adopt to new habits and new horizons.

We deliver best practices that can be implemented immediately and become every day's standard. Choose us and we will help you become the best version you originally believed you wanted to be. That is our mission statement that is our promise. You deserve it!

Let's talk

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